How to transition your website away from MobileMe and iWeb

May 1st, 2012 | Posted by admin in browsers

It’s sad. But it’s a fact. With the demise of Apple’s MobileMe online service, it’s time to think not only of moving to a different Web host, but eventually of replacing Apple’s iWeb website builder. All indications point to iWeb’s future demise as the Mac OS advances and iWeb is neither supported or upgraded.

The tool you pick will answer the question of whether you’re in love with and married to your current site design…or whether you’re willing to shake things up a bit. We suggest shaking things up because Websites should not, by their nature, be stagnant. Just like all good publications, websites should be redesigned every so often to leverage new technologies and to enhance visual and contextual interest.

Here are some steps you can take to get started with this tasks.

However, even if you host your site without MobileMe, someday you’ll have to leave iWeb behind. Now is the time—if you have not already done so—to check out other options. There are many Mac website building tools for you to choose from, both as Mac software and as online services. Eventually, you will have to choose one.

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